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About Us

With offices in Texas’ three largest cities, Christal Vision is Texas’ most wide spread distributor of low vision magnification equipment. We are proud of our extensive collection of visual impairment aids and of our ability to treat each client as they deserve to be treated. We specialize in electronic magnification  equipment  and assistive technology for those suffering from low vision. Because we are committed to exceptional service and to keeping our prices low, we are able to offer Texans of all socioeconomic backgrounds the most unique and enjoyable optometry experience in the Lone Star state.

We urge you to try all of our products in person, as we believe it’s the best way to discover how Christal Vision can improve your eyesight. Call us now and schedule an appointment, or stop in at our Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio offices and see what Christal Vision is all about. Our experienced  and impressive staff want to show you why Christal Vision is the best low vision center in Texas!

Christal Vision has three Texas offices and primarily serves the visually impaired in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Our San Antonio location is located north of the city just off of Wilderness Oak Road. In Houston you can find us right off of Interstate 10 on Highway 6 near the West Houston Airport. For details on our Dallas location please call us at 800-299-0700. 

Our Owner

Christal Vision is owned and operated by Ed Christal, who recognized a strong need for the state of Texas to better assist the legally blind and visually impaired. With a BBA from the University of Texas, Ed began his career as a Telesensory factory representative. Five years later, in 1995, he opened Christal Vision. It wasn’t until 2000, however, when Christal Vision grew to the size it is today. After 17 years, Ed is proud to still be at the helm of Christal Vision, and remains committed to helping the visually impaired stay active, independent, and able to enjoy their favorite daily tasks and hobbies.

Community Commitment  

We believe in giving back, and therefore we have maintained relationships with a number of organizations to better serve the communities in which we are located.  By working with low vision advocate agencies such as the Lighthouse, the Lions Club, and the American Federation for the Blind, just to name a few, Christal Vision is better able to help the partially sighted across Texas maintain their visual independence.

In addition to those who are suffering from loss of vision due to macular degeneration, diabetes, and other age-related illnesses, Christal Vision is also passionate about helping educate our community’s children about eye care and low vision products. As a result, Christal Vision has a deep presence in Texas’ education systems from K-12 and beyond. We are excited about helping our community’s vision impaired students overcome the challenges they face in school, at home, and in public.